Data analysis & consulting services

Statistical and bioinformatics consulting and data analysis

Proteins are biologically very important as they are the executive biomolecules in cells, tissues and organs. In this context, proteomics involves the parallel identification, quantification, and spatial resolution of many proteins in complex samples. Proteomics experiments with a focus on clinical research are indispensable for a comprehensive understanding of biological functions and diseases of high socio-economic relevance for aging societies, such as neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases and cancer.

The newly established Core Facility "CUBiMed.RUB" at the Faculty of Medicine builds on the de.NBI-BioInfra.Prot project funded by the BMBF from 2014 to 2021. With the help of the Core Facility, the range of tools, services and trainings established there can be continued. Close cooperation with the European infrastructure initiative ELIXIR continues.

Against this background, the staff of the research area "Medical Bioinformatics" of the MPC has extensive expertise and experience in the development and application of proteomics tools and resources, statistical analysis, and the application of machine learning methods. Here, the focus is primarily on clinical and human proteomics.

Consulting and analysis services are offered within the portfolio of the scientific infrastructure facility CUBiMed.RUB to support users in bioinformatics and statistical analysis of proteomics data and associated clinical data.

Bioinformatics consulting and analysis of proteomics data


We offer a bioinformatics consulting service regarding the application of our own as well as third-party proteomics software. We advise on data analysis and the selection of suitable software tools. In addition, we develop user-friendly workflows for frequently required analyses and make them available. In addition to the expert advice provided by our bioinformaticians, we also offer to perform the corresponding analyses.

Our services include:

  • Data preprocessing (e.g. conversion, quality control)
  • Peptide identification
  • Protein inference
  • Protein quantification
  • Joint authoring of or support for publications

Statistical consulting and analysis of proteomics data


We provide support in the planning of proteomics studies, in the selection of suitable analysis methods and in the interpretation and presentation of the results obtained. In addition to the expert advice provided by our biostatisticians, we also offer to perform the corresponding analyses.

Our services include:

  • Data preprocessing (e.g., normalization, treatment of missing values)
  • Quality control (e.g., outlier detection)
  • Support in study and case number planning
  • Planning and analysis of biomarker studies (e.g., proteins and peptides)
  • Application of machine learning methods, such as clustering and classification
  • Classical statistical modeling (e.g., linear models, logistic regression)
  • Visualization of data and results
  • Survival time analysis
  • Support for writing publications